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    Amos Tuoyintir
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    Investment is very key to succeeding financially.
    But when is the best time to invest?

    My name is Amos Tuoyintir. Y, CSF of RiCHdotComm, Diamond4 Leader of Longrich international, Tycoon Master with RdC, pioneering member of socialized richdotcomm, Co-Founder of Accountable Leadership Forum and a very pasionate student entrepreneur.
    I believe in investing at a younger age. It just seems to be the right way to becoming rich from my point of view.

    At a young age between 20 and 40 is the best reply I can give to someone seeking for an answer to a question in relation to this discussion.

    My reasons are simple, first reason is with regards to the fact that, the most energetic ages of a person is between 20 and 40. Secondly, during this period, most people are still in one way or the other under the care or support of some other people and even if their investments go bad, they can seek for assistance. I will also like to mention that its better to invest early so as to be able to enjoy your successes before passing them over to other generations.
    Why should someone even want to invest at an older age?
    At a time when you have all sort of responsibilities, when you basically have no one to step in for you in case of losses. What benefits will it even be to you if you do not have enough time and health to enjoy your own wealth.
    Why Many dont invest at an early age.
    -They say they are still young (myReply: You wont live forever)
    -No money to invest (myReply: but is there money for a brand new phone, sneakers or a party?, u dont need much)
    -I am broke and cant risk the little that I have (myReply: Investments are actually for broke people, Rich people Save because they already have more from investments than needed. Why save when you are broke?, so that you can be more broke?

    I am not against late investments, “its better late than never”.

    This is why I say YES, to YOUNG ENTREPRENEURSHIP.
    Join us on the RiCHSide.

    Let us hear you…



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