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RichMUSIC COMPETITION RiCHdotComm brings to you yet another exciting opportunity of showcasing your talent in a very interactive and amazing way. RichMUSIC is an opened platform to the members of the community to showcase their talents and win amazing amounts from doing what they love doing and at thesame time still able to earn big sums from it. This competition will challenge you to bring out the best in you, it will demand that you do a good job on your sound track to be voted to the top RichMUSIC is a very transparent competition. We eliminate biased judgement by opening the jury to the general public. The voice of majority makes a winner. PROCEEDURE
  1. You must be a registered member of the Community
  2. Record your music
  3. Register for the competition
  4. Get 5 existing members to recommend your music
  5. Your music will be kept on the site for approval for the competition
  6. Approval is by the total number of Votes the members will give your music
  7. The top 25 musics with the most votes will be eligible for the competition
  8. SMS voting is then opened to the general public to decide the Winner
  9. The winner is then declared and rewarded
Your chances depend on how many members you can get to promote your music. Become a member now.

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