hello i will like to share my experience in soccer bet with my friends and readers. i woke up one morning to try soccer bet in my country. i went to one of the most popular websites to create an accounts. i then deposited GhC200 into the accounts and i was ready to start my bets. i did my first bet and worn, odds were really low, about 1.09. i went on to do multiple bets and i won again. Guess you are feeling how i was feeling then, overly excited. i continued until i got GhC420 with just my initial 200. i then told myself that i could make it big in the betting game. so i rolled over the entire ghc420, hoping to win ghc1250. i already made plans for the money. i was winning the bet all along, until the last 2minutes of the game. around the 88th minute, there was an equalizer and around the 90th minute in added time, my team lost. ALL GHC420 GONE. i was really hurt and i kept in GHC300, i went all out to to fight my way back up, and i lost again, this time Chelsea lost to tottenham hotspur. i then decided to use just ghc100 and at my bet was rubbished because Flamengo couldnt win their match. Betting is addictive and i hadnt learned my lessons yet, i went in with another Ghc100, this time i was expecting 1500, it was a big disaster. my experience in soccer betting. i learned it the hard way. lets share our experiences to help educate each other on the platform. Thank you. By: Amos Tuoyintir

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