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Why RiCHdotComm

RiCHdotComm is an E-commerce company that is into the provision of quality products and services to its customers and at the same time creating an enabling environment for partners to earn residual income from their spending.

RiCHdotComm International was started with the idea of creating a New and Improved system that will be accessible to all manner of persons who are in pursuit for a genuine and secured platform to develop an extra stream of income.

Started in 2017 with the focus of giving the best to customers, the company imports and exports products to and from the United Arab Emirates through Online Purchases.

The RiCHdotComm Society creates a platform for people to leverage on to become financially independent through the use of the internet community (also called Rich Community).

We create a unifying environment for people from all walks of life who share a similar quest for genuine business opportunities to share their business ideas and to link up with other people to do businesses through networking and establishing a trustworthy friendship with others.

We do not only guarantee an extra stream of income but  we also provides a legitimate platform for all community members to perform their business transactions.

RiCHdotComm is registered in the Republic of Ghana in accordance with Sections 27&28 of the Companies Act, 1963 (Act 179) of the Republic of Ghana.

The company expansion strategy is opened to everyone who wants to be a customer of it, we however provide each customer with the option of becoming a part of the community. Joining the community opens other opportunities such as receiving commissions on various types of purchases, payouts on referrals and awards for your contribution to our expansion process.




RELIABLE: We deliver as promised and you can rest assured your business is in good hands.

QUALITY: We provide you with the best of online experience. Our products are designed with our customers in mind. We here at RiCHdotComm are dedicated to giving you the best of services and seeing your business grow with us.

AFFORDABILITY: Unlimited options for you to make a choice.



Providing a reliable system to deliver quality and affordable products and services through customer partnership and participation.



To be the best and the most trusted online business community with great customer satisfaction.




1) Affordable products and services

We provide you with quality and affordable products and services; it’s in our best interest to see all our customers satisfied with the services and products that we offer.

2) Win-win situational business

Our partnership agreement with our customers offers both parties an opportunity to cooperate with each other in achieving a common goal of expanding our products and services to several locations. In the partnership agreement between the company and the community, there is a fair commission sharing between partners based on their performance.

3) Global expansion

Expand beyond borders, stay at where ever you are and let your business grow and spread across the globe. You become an international business person and with the help of our well structured system, you can extend your earnings beyond your country.

Get interactive and build a large business organization beyond imagination. Your ability to partner with one person from another country can serve as the beginning of an entirely new empire for your business organization.

4) RICH-Community culture

The community is characterized by very passionate and determined individuals, who believe their success depends on their own actions and therefore are willing to work together in teams for the realization of their individual dreams.

Community members are focused on their goals and are time conscious of their organizational growth. Those who succeed are not deterred by disappointments or challenges, rather they maintain a persevering attitude and are consistent.

5) Incentives and Awards

High performing community members are rewarded for their efforts in contributing to the company expansion strategy.

Even though ranks are used for acknowledging and recognizing leaders in the community they also serve as the basic requirements for giving members awards.

Incentives are offered in advance to members such that they can set objectives to meet their targets to qualify for the incentives, this improves members’ performance and drives the total growth of the company.

6) Consistent and Comprehensive Communication Methods.

Information relevant to the success of your businesses is communicated regularly to you by emails and other social media channels.

In this business, accessibility to information is very important to your success and RiCHdotComm is dedicated to providing information on time to assist you in building your organization.

7) Accessibility to Staff (Team) and Best Customer Care Services.

Our qualified and experience staff are always ready to attend to your challenges at all times. Accessibility is improved with our varied channels of communication which include phone calls, text messaging, emails and social media. All you need to do is choose any of these channels and let’s get interactive. Communicating with us has been made easier through our multi-channelled options. This ensures that you do not go through stress in accessing help from our staff.

8) Secured and convenient Financial Transactions.

Feel comfortable whilst you make money with RiCHdotComm. Your back office is protected with a two (2) security layer including a transparent firewall that filters all possible attacks on your system.

Your money is in safe hands for as long as you are with us and you can feel free to make withdrawals at any time of your choice during the pay day.


The shop area of the company’s website contains several products and services, any person with an interest in our products can purchase from the website and our company will deliver the product through our agents across the country.

Happy and satisfied customers are most likely to refer their friends and family to also buy from us. RiCHdotComm International is willing to pay a percentage to the referrer from whatever purchase the new customer makes.

Should new customers decide to sign up, You will be paid for successfully securing a new partner for the company.

The company runs a three (3) by infinity matrix system and this allows members to even earn on people they did not personally refer.

Since the width of members’ organizational structure only spans to three (3) people, all other persons that he or she will register in addition after the initial three will serve as SPILL-OVER to other members who do not have any personal sponsored persons and are within his/her business organization. However, the company goes ahead to pay you twice (2 x) for such a good work done. This ensures that people are motivated to help others build their organizations without having to lose anything, it also goes a long way to help new members develop faster.



You can subscribe as a member of our community by purchasing any of our membership packages.

We have four (4) membership subscription packages available. These packages are:

Membership Subscription Package Amount (Cost)


RiCHdotComm introduced the FREE membership (PREFERRED CUSTOMER) package which can enable interested customers who may not have the entire amount at the time they were introduced to the company to still join the community with an amount below our entry packages and later purchase any of our packages when they obtain the amount worth their package of interest.

The FREE membership allows our preferred customers to be able to deposit money into their Deposit wallet in a form of savings, this is to allow preferred customers to accumulate their money up to any of our Membership packages and then make a purchase of their desired membership package.



RiCHdotComm provides a gradual and progressive self-development avenue that will consciously and unconsciously impart different skills and experiences into each member as they advance through the various Ranks in the business. This ensures that all our members achieve holistic personal development accompanied with numerous experiences that is best suited for a successful business carrier. These skills and experiences gathered over the time or duration with our company can be applied in different business avenues, including the establishment of a privately owned enterprise.


The company comprises of several individuals with different backgrounds and each person is unique in their own way, this serves as a platform through which members can identify one another, get to make friends or partner with other people to start something that can end up being the next big thing in the world.


Members stand to enjoy from our quality and affordable products obtained from both manufacturers and the open market. Our product categories span across various field and industries and we make sure they are well selected and properly suited for our members to use. We are focused on providing products which are usable and affordable to our members and at the same time giving them the best in the quality of the product that they deserve. We sell provisions, electronics, machinery, stationery and so much more.


A constant and consistent weekly payout as an extra stream of income is a guarantee in this business provided a member is committed to contributing tremendously to our company’s expansion strategy.

Several rewards and benefits are achievable with dedication and focus on building a self-sustainable system with RiCHdotComm.



You are expected to do your best in contributing massively to our company expansion strategy and by so doing spread our products and services to several places where they are needed. As a partner of the company, you should be the leading customer of our products in your organization to serve as an example and a motivation to others who are within your organization.



All created accounts are non-refundable. You are required to obtain enough information about the business opportunity and assess yourself with regards to what is expected of you before making a decision to register with the company.



You can transfer your accounts to another person; this might arise as a result of death. The company can only pass on your accounts to your specified next of kin.

You can also transfer your accounts to another person but this requires your own written consent together with the reason for the transfer.

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We are a Ghanaian base company registered under the laws of the nation. Our aim is to help each and everyone to start a business.

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